Strategy / Management Consulting

We help clients identify and overcome the challenges that inhibit mid life cycle growth.

With pressure from nimble start-ups and established market leaders, the need for middle market companies to improve operations, marketing strategy, production costs and human capital is ever present.  More than just opinion driven consultants, Growth Partner works with middle market business owners in the trenches, to impact the health and profitability of their businesses.  With services ranging from turn-around and special situation management to full cycle corporate development support, our expert team has proven it’s ability to impact the bottom line of businesses owners for over a decade.

How we help

Opportunity/Situational Analysis

Market forces, operational issues, structural financial concerns and management deficiencies are just a few possible contributors to a lack of growth. Understanding fundamental growth inhibitors is priority one. Our team strives to demystify the question asked by so many clients – ‘Why won’t my company continue to grow?’.  With this question answered we collaboratively develop strategies to address the root of the problem which can then be executed with the support of our team.

Turn-Around Management

Our team has deep, multi decade experience in turning around mid sized companies that many larger consulting firms simply choose to not engage with.  As market conditions and internal dynamics change, some management teams simply do not have the tools to right the ship. Growth Partner helps manage corporate turn-arounds in a number of capacities ranging from planning to full interim executive plan execution dependent on situation and budget.

Profitability Enhancment

Not all companies need to grow to meet profitability requirements. Having the ability to audit costs, increase customer life time value, and implement systems that increase the contribution of each dollar earned can significant impact a company’s bottom line.

Applications Of Our Work

  • Turn around of multi location retail chain experience liquidity issues.  Analysis revealed that poor inventory controls and undisciplined purchasing lead to decreased gross profit margins and avoidable strains on working capital.  GP lead full inventory audit, implemented strict purchasing guide lines, negotiated the sale of obsolete inventory, and implemented ongoing inventory control process.  Results include a 9% increase in company wide gross profit, reduction of inventory levels and working capital requirements.
  • Development of white labeled production offering for middle market food producer resulting in nearly 100% year over year sales growth.


We incorporate Growth Partner into each of our post acquisition plans - with our last add-on company experiencing nearly 100% revenue growth in 3 years.

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