Sales Channel And Partnership Development

We help clients lever improvements to their sales strategies to drive significant growth.

Our approach to sales channel development encompasses the entirety of the sales channel ecosystem.  This includes, opportunity identification, program development, partnership analysis, sales force development and back office execution.  Developing proper sales and partnership channels can be one of the most effective, scalable way to significant impact sales while mitigating the costs typically associated with scaling an internal sales effort.

How we help

Opportunity Analysis

Identifying the right channel and/or channel partner can be the difference between success and failure in a scaled sales application.  We perform in-depth growth opportunity analysis to better inform our clients as to how to best invest resources. Unlike firms that focus on earlier stage, high volume growth, our middle market clients often need to explore smaller, more fragmented pockets of opportunity that are less apparent when assessing opportunity.  Wether the opportunity lies in penetrating new geographies, aligning with channel partners up or down the vertical, or in new industry subsegments the path to scaling sales starts with thoughtful opportunity analysis.

Channel Partner Program Development

When integrating a new sales channel partner or partnership program, pricing, structure and execution are paramount to the success of the initiative.  Our team can support development of channel partnership programs soup to nuts from model development, solicitation, negotiation and execution.  Properly stress testing channel partner engagement models and having a dedicated team accountable to channel partnership success greatly increase the probability of the partnership’s success.

High Performances Sales Force Development

Many middle market companies are product/service focused and simply do not have the sales organization DNA often found at larger enterprises.  We help impart proven up-market sales team techniques and tools into a middle market sales team setting.  Our team can support the sales training and improvement of existing teams, help scale a team to meet new opportunity or source and train key sales staff to own your sales growth initiative internally after proper vetting and strategy alignment.

Back Office Execution

Accelerating your company’s sales efforts typically requires augmenting back office support processes.  Addressing new documentation, training material, performance tracking, cost allocation are all part of truly supercharging your sales effort.  When addressing the back office needs of a client focused on sales growth it is our goal to not only develop strategies to widen and fill the opportunity funnel but to strengthen all elements supporting these efforts through defensible, scalable processes.

Applications Of Our Work

  • Development of compensation plan for new key sales executive hire of speciality e-commerce company, allowing client company to hire talent priced ‘above budget’ creating deep new hire vesting/buy in while mitigating risk associated with high value hires.
  • Identification, solicitation and program development allowing mid-sided speciality engine manufacturer to license product IP to Fortune 100 partner, increasing sales by 30% in 6 months.


We incorporate Growth Partner into each of our post acquisition plans - with our last add-on company experiencing nearly 100% revenue growth in 3 years.

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