Marketing Team Strategy and Development

We help companies develop lasting, productive marketing resources in-house.

While external resources can be a great mechanism to ignite change, they are often a means to an end.  Our team specializes in developing and implementing marketing strategies designed specifically to be adopted by our client’s internal teams.  Offering best in class marketing strategies to your existing team can significantly reduce the cost of adoption while keeping disruptions during key change periods to a minimum.

How we help

Marketing Strategy Development

Middle market companies often have smaller marketing departments and can struggle updating and modernizing strategies to stay competitive with companies up-market.  Additionally, the launch of a new product or service often calls for a new perspective on existing marketing strategies.  We help companies who require support in developing complex marketing strategies ensure that they are focused on executing the plan with the highest probability of success on a project or short term commitment basis.  Properly vetting opportunities, analyzing competitor strategies and ensuring companies are fully aware of the best methods to drive growth are all areas we support.

Team Training

New, dynamic marketing strategies often require existing marketing teams to quickly acclimate to new strategies, tools and systems that they may not be familiar with.  We help mitigate cost and risk of failure by providing on hands training to marketing teams during times of change.  In person training provided by training professionals with fortune 500 corporate training experience as well as training material development are availible.

Key Talent Sourcing

We specialize in sourcing key marketing talent for niche’ industries that require a more intimate understanding of unique products or services. 

Applications Of Our Work

  • Sourcing of new CMO for manufacturer of high end home products. Once identified, collaboratively developed new marketing plan for execution by CMO in support of internal team.
  • Development stand alone training process for on-boarding of new business development support personnel for outsourced business services company.  Training process included CRM implementation, knowledge-base development and communication guidelines.


We incorporate Growth Partner into each of our post acquisition plans - with our last add-on company experiencing nearly 100% revenue growth in 3 years.

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