Digital Marketing/Marketing Modernization

Very few middle market companies utilize digital marketing to its full potential.  The scale and speed of growth that digital can fuel is unparalleled.  With over 15 years experience building defensible business strategies for the web, we are the perfect digital partner.

Hiring a digital agency, or recruiting in-house talent to manage your online advertising and content is simply less effective than engaging a growth partner like us. Digital is an industry of “fakers”, and we have the pedigree of $100’s millions of digital sales and business generation across a half dozen verticals to draw upon.

How we help

Digital Strategy

In our experience, middle market companies are unique in their digital needs.  A mature business that is successful in spite of a lack of sophistication in digital marketing needs senior-level strategists to tie new digital initiatives to the existing business flow.  That’s why an agency won’t perform for you.  We will develop a digital strategy that is informed by your management, as well as existing customer data and conversations.  Only then do we turn to our proprietary tools and analysis of the competitive landscape for new online growth.  Within 90 days of partnering, we will produce and be executing on a digital roadmap with our team.

Traffic Acquisition

From search engine optimization to digital media buys, we have the experience and the internal capability to craft campaigns to drive traffic to our partners that results in sales.  Several of our partners have begun with impressive offline sales, and little online presence.  Taking the strategy developed over the first 90 days, we will begin creating content, ad campaigns, new digital creative, and customer communications across multiple channels with the singular goal of driving eyeballs to your website(s).

Performance Monitoring

Digital marketing begins and ends with the data.  We are adept at using third party software applications as well as our own proprietary tools to aggregate data so it can be used to make strategic business decisions.  From day one, we will work with you to analyze data from new digital marketing efforts against any sales or CRM inside the business.  Which leads are performing?  Where are most profitable sales channels online?  Each set of data will lead to a refinement in the strategy, all the while keeping a focus on bottom line profitability.

Applications Of Our Work

  • New digital campaigns in both Google Adwords and content marketing for a multinational self storage company, resulting in 30% top-line growth (and 300% digital growth) in 18 months.
  • Search engine optimization strategy and campaign to target branded terms for a top online sporting goods retailer.  Online sales jumped from 8% of revenue to nearly 35% within 24 months.  The company was then acquired.
We incorporate Growth Partner into each of our post acquisition plans - with our last add-on company experiencing nearly 100% revenue growth in 3 years.

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