Growth solutions for mid life-cycle companies in the middle market

Solutions to address:

  • Stalled or Stagnant Revenue Growth
  • Missed Marketing Opportunities
  • Weak Digital or Online Sales
  • Underperforming Sales Teams and More . . .

Our Solutions

  • Growth Acceleration

    Is your company stagnating due to a changing market, tech advances, limited sales resources or other growth inhibitors?  At our core, we are a team that helps companies who think they are done growing continue to grow.  In a full application our team becomes your planning, marketing and digital team with integrated managers to closely manage the process.

  • Growth Management

    Many companies choose to throttle growth mid life-cycle because they simply do not have the skills to manage through another growth cycle.  Late in life growth can create stresses on systems and teams that can benefit from our experience as growth managers/drivers.  If your growth is on track to outpace your plan, we can help. rtner.

  • Digital Marketing

    Whether you sell B2B or B2C, customer relationships begin online. Too often, digital is an area that mature companies simply “don’t understand.” With so much untapped potential waiting online, it’s a shame.

    We help middle market companies ignite their digital sales channels. In fact, our partners cut their teeth growing online businesses in financial services and e-commerce. From Google search to paid media to customer remarketing, digital sales growth is often a pillar component of our growth strategy for a partner.

  • Customer Lifetime Value Enhancement

    Simply put, if you earn more per customer – you grow. Our client partners often come to us a critical ongoing customer relationship failure point. We help


    We help ensure that once you have earned a customer once, the value of the relationship is maximized long-term. Strategies to increase customer lifetime value include email marketing, social media, product discount strategies, offers, and more.

  • Strategy/Management Consulting

    Mature companies often employ managers who are technical experts in product and systems.  However, managing key points of pivot in these companies can often require an outside perspective.  Working closely with management we develop plans to support strategic turnaround work, process optimization, cost reduction and more.

  • Marketing Team Development

    For nearly two decades, we’ve recruited, trained and retained high quality marketing talent.  Working with Growth Partner doesn’t just mean hiring big gun outsiders.  We will help you build your in-house team to execute on marketing campaigns and to develop new marketing strategies that can far outlive our working engagement.

  • Strategic Partner Development

    Utilizing expert third parties to develop strategic partners can protect information loss and opportunity exposure and ensure the most favorable terms of engagement. Lever other companies success, channels and services to increase revenues with minimum carried expense.

  • Software Development and Implementation

    Proper technology leverage is often a key factor in managing accelerated growth.  With an in-house development team and a strong background in managing tech based product development our team can build, execute and manage custom technology solutions to support growth initiatives.

  • Sales Channel Development

100 Day Sprint

In as little as 100 days our team can execute a situational assessment, develop a comprehensive plan and begin execution. While we enjoy working with clients long term, these 100 day sprints allow our clients to keep costs and commitments low while getting the foundational guidance needed to impact company performance long term.


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Reporting and Performance Monitoring

We believe consistent, detailed performance reporting drives a successful client engagement.

Case Studies
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"We incorporate Growth Partner into each of our post acquisition plans - with our last add-on company experiencing nearly 100% revenue growth in 3 years. " – Dale Polsello, Saloon Entertainment Co..